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From the lush, green countryside to our breathtaking beaches, Nassau County is a great place to ride. However, it is not always a safe place to ride due to the negligence of drivers who don’t show enough care towards motorcycle riders.

Even if you are a safe rider, negligent drivers can cause accidents that can change the rest of your life in an instant. Motorcycle wrecks cause physical pain, financial hardship, and emotional distress for their victims. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you can seek compensation for your losses.

Don’t suffer financially because a careless driver or negligent party caused your accident. Seek compensation for your crash-related losses. Protect your rights after a motorcycle injury by contacting the Nassau County motorcycle accident lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC.

How Fault is Determined in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Determining who is at fault in a motorcycle accident case is the key to deciding who pays for injuries and damages. However, it can be complex, especially if there are multiple parties involved.

You, another driver, the police, and insurance companies may disagree on who was at fault. It gets more complicated if there were equipment failures, damaged roads, public vehicles, or obstacles involved in the wreck. An attorney can help investigate fault to get you compensation. These are just some of the steps we will take to determine and prove fault:

  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Collect eyewitness accounts
  • Obtain and analyze photos and video footage
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Use evidence of negligent driving, such as blood-alcohol tests or cell phone records

A Nassau County personal injury lawyer who has experience with motorcycle accident claims will gather all of the available evidence to make the strongest case for you so that you can obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

Who You Can Sue in a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Nassau County, NY?

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Nassau County will conduct an investigation to determine who is at fault in a motorcycle accident to make sure you get full compensation. In some cases, there may be more than one negligent party who owes you compensation. These are some parties who could possibly be liable in your claim:

The Driver of a Vehicle

Motorcyclists have the right to share the road with drivers, but they seem to forget this when they fail to see you, cut you off by turning in front of you, speed, or drive recklessly. When another driver’s negligence results in injuries or fatalities in a motorcycle wreck, victims and their survivors deserve justice.

A Truck Driver or Trucking Company

Due to the size and weight of trucks, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a semi-truck, the results can be devastating. In these claims, the truck’s driver, the trucking company, or another party can be responsible for the motorcycle rider’s damages.

A Motorcycle Mechanic

When a motorcycle mechanic fails to complete necessary maintenance and repairs correctly, it can lead to accidents. Mechanic mistakes can lead to electrical problems, brake and clutch issues, problems with tires, and even contaminated fuel lines. Any of these factors can cause a wreck.

A Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer

In some cases, a motorcycle accident may be caused by a defect in the bike itself that was caused by a manufacturer’s mistake. For example, Harley Davidson recalled 27,000 2016 models after it was discovered that 27,000 motorcycles may have a clutch defect. When a motorcycle manufacturer’s products aren’t safe, riders can end up with serious injuries.

A Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer

A defective motorcycle helmet can cause or worsen injuries that wouldn’t have been as serious if the helmet hadn’t been defective. Substandard materials or poor workmanship and design in a helmet can lead to inadequate protection for a rider’s head if an impact occurs, which can result in traumatic brain injuries.

How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Motorcycle Accident?

The amount of compensation you can get in a Nassau County motorcycle accident case will depend on the details of your accident, injuries, and losses, as no two cases are the same.

Damages may include medical bills, lost wages, motorcycle repair/replacement costs, and pain and suffering. Here are some other facts about getting compensation:

  • In New York, you can file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance up to their policy limits. This is typically $25,000-$100,000 or more.
  • If that’s not enough and if you meet New York’s Serious Injury Threshold, you may sue the driver for additional compensation. Total damages often reach $100,000-$500,000 or more in cases involving serious injuries.
  • Your own optional auto insurance, like MedPay, bodily injury, and under/uninsured motorist coverage can add to the compensation.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will gather evidence to prove damages and negotiate the maximum settlement you deserve. Don’t settle too quickly before knowing the full value of your claim.

Our Nassau County Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Get Results

We are proud of our track record for getting results for motorcycle accident victims. These are some of our successful case outcomes:

  • $3.5 million settlement for a client who lost control of their motorcycle and crashed due to defective road milling.
  • $3 million settlement for a motorcyclist who was killed after being struck by a truck that was making a left turn.
  • $1.9 million settlement for a client who was hit by a truck while making a left turn, resulting in multiple surgeries.
  • $1.7 million settlement for a client who was seriously injured when a car turned left into a motorcycle and the driver was killed.
  • $1.2 million settlement for a client who was ejected and seriously injured when a car made an improper left turn.
  • $1 million settlement when an Amazon driver failed to yield, causing life-altering injuries to a motorcyclist.
  • $600,000 settlement for a client who was ejected from their motorcycle when a car turned left, sustaining brain trauma and serious injuries that required surgery.
  • $550,000 settlement for a client who was hit by a car while exiting a driveway, resulting in leg fractures that needed surgery.
  • $550,000 settlement for the family of a motorcyclist who was killed when an oncoming car made a left turn into a motorcycle.

Your Nassau County motorcycle accident attorney can examine the facts of your accident and the evidence in your case to give you an estimate of your settlement’s value.

How a Lawyer Can Help You in a Nassau County Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Once we’ve reviewed your case and determined that we can help, here’s what our Nassau County motorcycle accident lawyers can do for you:

  • Explain your legal choices
  • Investigate the crash
  • Challenge the police report findings
  • Stop insurance companies from settling too fast
  • Make sure your long-term medical, mental health, and money needs are addressed
  • Fight to get you compensation

Insurance companies want to settle quickly. They don’t want to wait to see if you have long-term injuries or disability. To them, it’s just business. To you, it’s your future. Don’t settle without talking to a lawyer first.

How Long You Have to File a Motorcycle Accident Claim in New York?

A lawyer can help build strong arguments for your case in a Nassau County motorcycle accident claim, but you must act quickly to protect your rights. According to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) §214(4), in most cases, you will have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.

In cases of fatal motorcycle accidents, according to New York law, you have two years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death claim. In New York, you will need to appoint a representative of the estate to file a claim.

It’s important to allow your injury attorney plenty of time to build the strongest possible case for your compensation after a motorcycle wreck. The sooner you get started, the stronger your evidence will be, as over time evidence can be lost and witness memories can fade.

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Don’t delay – contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation with a Nassau County motorcycle accident attorney. We will review the details of your case, answer your questions, and discuss your legal options. Our lawyers have helped injured bikers recover millions of dollars over decades of combined experience.

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