Written by  Keith V. Trantolo

According to national statistics, more than two million people are injured or disabled in motor vehicle accidents each year in the United States. You might think it will never happen to you, but car accidents are a leading cause of death in the country and a serious danger for anyone on the roads, anywhere.

While you can monitor how safely you’re driving, you unfortunately cannot control the actions of other people when they’re behind the wheel. Following a non-fatal car accident, you may have many questions.  Are you responsible or is the other driver at fault? How much will my insurance go up as a result of this crash?

At Trantolo & Trantolo, you’ll never have to wonder. We believe that your health is more important than battling with the insurance company, which prolongs your recovery. Our mission is to get your life back on track by dealing with the insurance company for you and getting the settlement you deserve, so you can focus on getting better.

Nevertheless, accidents do happen so we encourage you all to be careful and use the many resources available to you to remain an informed driver.

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is your state-level resource for:

  • Checking the status of your driver’s license
  • Renewing your driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Transfer of ownership from one state to another
  • License plate services
  • Title services

The Connecticut DMV also has extensive information on Operating Under the Influence. Drunk driving is a serious offense that causes almost 30 deaths every day in the United States. The punishment can be severe, from the loss of your license to jail time.

  • The State of Connecticut Center for Teen Safe Driving from the DMV provides information for teens, parents and schools about how to protect teen drivers from the thousands of fatalities that they’re involved in each year across the country. This resource has CT-specific statistics about teen driving fatalities and other informational materials to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel.

Access to all DMV Forms can be found here.

  • The Connecticut Secretary of the State’s website is a government source that provides a list of all motor vehicle protocols for drivers in Connecticut. It is beneficial to be knowledgeable about these regulations because if the other driver involved in your accident is in violation of any one of them, that can be used to your advantage when you file your claim.
  • The Distracted Driving Fact Sheet for Connecticut drivers has information on the law in our state and how to prevent people from engaging in distracting activities while driving. Distracted driving kills thousands of innocent people every year. It is not limited to talking on a cell phone or texting; it also includes eating, talking, grooming, using a GPS and adjusting the radio. Although it is illegal to use your cell phone while driving in Connecticut, drivers continue to do it, as well as these other side-tracking activities when behind the wheel. The official government website on distracted driving has even more data about this growing concern for drivers.