The Social Security Disabilities Appeal process can be tricky.

Trantolo & Trantolo have helped many families and individuals navigate through the confusing process of applying for SSD to receive the benefits they deserve. Here’s what a few of our clients are saying about their experience with us:

“I was injured at work in late January 2016. I was home from the hospital early February and due to circumstances involved, I decided to contact a Law Firm. The reason I chose Trantolo & Trantolo was that of all the ads I normally watched on television- they gave me the most ‘down to earth’ really caring feeling. Their motto is ‘Let OUR family…help YOUR family’ and their ads were always a ‘class act’.. totally professional, yet ‘warm’.. Attorney Adam Allegro came to my home as I was too ill to travel and explained in detail, the application process for applying for Social Security Disability. I was.. as are most people- initially denied and Attorney Allegro started the process for an appeal, always very responsive and keeping me informed. Likewise, his Paralegals, Melody and Brittany were always responsive, and you know what? Compassionate! I was never treated like an ‘after-thought’.. or ‘just another case in the caseload! I have friends and acquaintances who have been denied several times- sometimes finally getting approved- after several YEARS! I received a call from the Social Security Office just four months later approving me!! Adam Allegro is a TOP-NOTCH Attorney, as are ALL the Attorneys & staff at Trantolo & Trantolo! I will always remember Adam, Melody and Brittany for their battle to aid me in a time of great need. God Bless you all!”
S.S. June, 2016

“There is nothing I could offer to help Trantolo & Trantolo better serve their clients simply because they are already top notch! I was represented by Adam J. Allegro and his team for my SSD case, and throughout the entire process he and his team surpassed any and all expectations that I had! The confidence Adam gives off and the knowledge and compassion he wields is next level!

From all the reviews I’ve read about other firms compared to my personal experiences with the staff of Trantolo & Trantolo, they really do raise the bar and set new standards when it comes to legal representation! Win or lose, anyone would be lucky to have Trantolo & Trantolo in their corner!

Thank you Adam, thank you Melody, and thank you to the Trantolo’ s for bringing all these amazing people together!”
W.A. New Haven, CT May, 2016

“After my first denial for SS disability I went to Trantolo and Trantolo for their opinion on my case. I was contacted by Attorney Adam Allegro with a exceptionally positive attitude stating that he was willing and able to represent me and help me get approved. For the next 2 years Attorney Allegro and his team Melody and Brittney worked very hard and never gave me the feeling that we would lose my case and have to start all over again. If that happened I could lose all my back pay. I was denied a second time then denied a third time after a hearing with the Judge. Attorney Allegro went above what I expected and wrote to the Judge to consider reopening my case and except corrected and additional information, which the Judge agreed to. Because of the extra effort that my Attorney put forth I was finally approved last week. I received a call on Friday the 13 of May 2016 for all three people involved Attorney Allegro, Melody and Brittney (very excited) to inform me of the final decision which was “Fully Approved” meaning back pay and monthly payment from that day forward. Again Thanks to the professional team at Trantolo and Trantolo I got what I deserved an approval.”
K.N. May, 2016

“Hello friends…I just wanted to publicly thank Trantolo & Trantolo for taking on my Social Security Disability case. I’d been denied twice and then had an appeal before an administrative law judge. Their staff and the lawyer who handled my case did a great job. The paralegal kept in touch with me on a regular basis and I could call anytime with questions if I had questions. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.”
B.D. May, 2016

“Thank you for representing me in my social security disability claim. Your professionalism, honesty, knowledge of the autoimmune disease and most of all, your belief in my condition, made it possible to win my case. I am extremely happy that I chose you as my attorneys.

I wish you and your firm much success in the future”
D.C. Waterford, CT October, 2015

“I came to Trantolo & Trantolo after I was seriously injured in a car accident. I first met with Atty. Vincent Trantolo, who assured me that I had an excellent case, and that I could be helped. He was absolutely right, on both counts! Everyone I met, right from when I walked into the front door, was tremendous. Atty. Cramer and his paralegal, Anne Ciccio, were tremendous. After my successful personal injury case, Atty. Allegro and Melody Zagursky, got me my Social Security Disability Benefits. I can’t say enough about this firm and everyone who works there. Thank you.”
A.N. Ellington, CT June 2015

“To: The Trantolo & Trantolo Law Firm LLC, Attorney Adam Allegro and Paralegal Melody M. Zagurski

Thank you for taking on my case with Social Security Disability, due to your cohesive “Team Work” the disability panel approved me to get benefits. This would not have been possible without the help of Attorney Allegro and Ms. Zagurski being there on my behalf. I owe all my thanks to everyone that took part in my case. It would be a pleasure to recommend this law firm to my friends. Everyone at this law firm are professionals, they also have team work and that is important in everything that you do. By the way, that also includes the receptionist by the name Charlene. She is kind to you on the phone and has a warm smile and welcome for you in-person.
E.J. JR. CT December 2014

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