Vehicular accidents have a greater chance of occurring in a rural region or an urban center. Not far off from Springfield and Holyoke, within driving distance of Pioneer Valley’s more rural spots, and close to Western Massachusetts’ many college towns, Southampton is sandwiched between multiple potentially accident-prone areas.

But when a collision occurs, the accident itself is often the start of an aggravating chain reaction. Injuries at the scene become hospital stays, with bills and other related expenses accumulating not long after. When the claim is brought to the attention of the insurance company, however, you’re provided with an insufficient amount. Even when you prove your claim, the company continues to underestimate sufficient compensation.

Injured individuals ought to be recovering and managing their condition, which may lead to time off from work and decreased future earning power, instead of dealing with a difficult, obstinate corporation. Once your claim has veered off in this direction, legal representation becomes essential.

How Trantolo & Trantolo Helps Your Claim

Helping those in need forms Trantolo & Trantolo’s foundation. Just down the highway in Hartford, our personal injury law firm believes people come ahead of profits, safety before corporate interests. Our staff gets to know every client, available to answer questions and ensuring your rights stay upheld.

Yet, even with a personalized approach in our office, Trantolo & Trantolo’s attorneys taking on Southampton claims fervently fight on your behalf in the courtroom. Years in the industry have made us extremely familiar of a defendant’s tactics, from an insurance company claiming the victim is partially at fault for an accident or a business shifting blame onto the plaintiff for using a faulty product or being near damaged premises. Although our lawyers cannot promise specific results for any claim, our extensive record is sufficient proof.

Personal injury is a vast field covering many types of claims, and Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers take on the following: medical malpractice; spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries; car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; nursing home negligence; dangerous drugs and medication errors; dog bites; product liability, including Depakote, transvaginal mesh, and hip replacement claims; premises liability; class action; and social security disability.

When you’re trying to make headway with a personal injury claim, get Trantolo & Trantolo involved. To bring your case to our attention, contact any of our Connecticut locations.

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