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Being bitten by a dog can be terrifying and lead to several health complications. Nerve damage, infections, and emotional distress are all common in dog bite victims, making it important that you get the help you need. The New Britain dog bite accident lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, will fight for you and demand justice on your behalf.

You can trust our personal injury lawyers in New Britain with all the details of your case. We have been helping injured accident victims since 1938, so we’re prepared to hold the dog’s owner accountable for your financial compensation. Our legal team can also explain your legal options and guide you through the claims process. To learn more, call us now for a free initial consultation.

Damages You Can Pursue with Our Dog Bite Attorneys in New Britain

Our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys will do everything we can to pursue fair compensation on your behalf. We gather evidence, complete paperwork for you, and negotiate for the settlement you deserve. After a bite injury, we can demand compensation that covers:

  • Medical expenses, including the cost of prescription medications, surgery, doctor’s appointments, and travel to specialist doctors
  • Lost income, if the injuries you suffered prevent you from working and earning your usual paychecks
  • Reduced earning capacity, if you cannot earn the same amount of money as you did before suffering injuries
  • Physical pain and suffering you endured because of the bite
  • Mental anguish for victims who now suffer from accident-related anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, if your injuries do not allow you to participate in your favorite hobbies and activities
  • Property damage, if personal items like your jewelry suffered damage in the accident
  • Wrongful death damages, such as funeral and burial costs, if your loved one suffered a fatal injury

The types of damages you can recover depend on the details of your case. After our legal team assesses your case, we can explain how much your case is worth and which damages you’re entitled to.

How Do Our Dog Bite Lawyers Help You After an Accident?

The experienced team at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC will handle all the legal details of your case for you. You’ll have the time you need to recover and attend doctor’s appointments. Some of the ways we help you include:

  • Gathering evidence to link your injuries to the dog bite incident
  • Determining who is liable for paying your compensation
  • Assigning a value to your case to ensure you demand compensation for your economic and non-economic losses
  • Explaining the laws that apply to your case
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary
  • Negotiating with insurance companies for a fair settlement
  • Hiring expert witnesses to substantiate your claim
  • Answering any questions you have
  • Ensuring you’re informed about the status of your case

Benefits of Hiring Our New Britain Personal Injury Attorneys as Your Legal Representation

When you hire our dog bite lawyers in New Britain, you have a legal team on your side that cares about the outcome of your case. We treat our clients like we would treat our own family members, providing personalized attention and support as we guide you through the legal process. Some of the other benefits of working with our law firm include:

  • We have more than 85 years of experience. We’ve been helping clients like you since 1938.
  • We will not back down, even if your case is challenging and involves multiple liable parties. Our firm is committed to seeking justice on your behalf, no matter how complex your case seems.
  • We refuse to settle for less than you deserve. Our team will take your case to trial if that’s what we must do to achieve an appropriate outcome.

Clients also decide to hire us because:

We Operate on a Contingency-Fee Basis

When you hire Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, you get a team that never charges anything upfront or out-of-pocket. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means you won’t owe us anything unless we win or settle your case.

After we win your case, we will take a predetermined percentage of your compensation to cover our legal fees. This allows you access to our legal team without worrying about any upfront costs. We also offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients.

We’ve Achieved Successful Case Outcomes for Former Dog Bite Clients

The team at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, has recovered billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients. Some of the case results we’ve secured for dog bite victims include:

  • $750,000 settlement for our client whose child was attacked by a dog while riding a bike, requiring surgery
  • $422,018 settlement for our client who was bitten by two dogs
  • $300,000 settlement for our client whose child was bitten by an uncontrolled dog, requiring surgery
  • $300,000 settlement for our client who suffered leg injuries after a dog ran into him while he was standing in his front yard
  • $275,000 settlement for our client who had to be hospitalized after being bitten in the face by their neighbor’s dog

These settlements and verdicts do not reflect the amount of compensation you can recover, as each case is different. However, our team will fight for the total amount of compensation you’re owed.

We’ve Received Positive Reviews from Former Clients

After working with Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, former clients say:

  • “Throughout the entire time with my dog bite case, Attorney Adam Allegro and his staff, Dorothy Lewis & Jean Rodriquez, exceeded our expectations, in every way. He took so much time explaining all the details, never rushed us, and his thoroughness and professionalism was noticeable in every phone call and contact. We cannot thank him and the staff enough, and will recommend Adam and the firm to everyone we know!” – R.B.
  • “My experience at Trantolo & Trantolo would be a 10/10 with the care and attention I received from Attorney Hannant and paralegal Rebeca. I appreciate the professionalism I received. My family also thanks you guys.” – F.J.

Let’s win your case TOGETHER


Who Is Responsible for Paying for Your Dog Bite Settlement?

According to CT Gen. Stat. § 22.357, the dog’s owner is generally liable for compensating you after you were attacked. Connecticut’s strict liability laws apply, meaning that unless you were trespassing or somehow provoked the dog, the owner is responsible for your compensation.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies will pay for your damages. However, if the dog’s owner does not carry homeowners’ insurance, or if your damages exceed the limits of their policy, you can seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. There are also some instances in which a building’s landlord or a business owner may be held responsible for your injuries. Our team will need to analyze your case to determine who is responsible for paying you.

Filing Your Case on Time After a Dog Bite Incident in New Britain

You have a limited amount of time to file your personal injury lawsuit after suffering a dog bite. According to the statute of limitations, CT Gen. Stat. § 52-584, you typically have two years to file your case. You also generally have two years to file if your loved one passed away from dog bite injury complications.

You should not wait to get started on your case. Our team will want as much time as possible to gather evidence and speak to witnesses. Some evidence is time-sensitive, so the sooner we get started, the better.

What to Do After Being Attacked by a Dog

If you were bitten by a dog, there are a few actions you can take to protect your health and legal case. Our team recommends that you:

  • Get a safe distance away from the dog. You don’t want to risk another attack that can worsen your injuries.
  • Visit a doctor right away. Your doctor can link your injuries to the dog bite and create a record of the accident, which we can use to support your case.
  • Gather any evidence you can. Take photos of the scene and your injuries, and collect contact information from witnesses. Our team will also gather evidence, but it will be useful to have evidence from the accident scene.
  • Keep any bills, receipts, or invoices of accident-related costs. We can use this to prove the value of your case.
  • Avoid speaking to insurance companies on your own. They may ask you for a recorded statement and use your words against you to offer you a lowball settlement. You can politely decline to provide a statement and pass insurance communications to our team.

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