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Though construction work comes with inherent risks, you shouldn’t be worried that you’ll suffer an injury every time you go to work. However, if another party’s negligence leads to safety risks or hazardous conditions, construction injuries are likely. If you were hurt on a construction site, our Babylon construction accident attorney can help you understand your legal options and pursue compensation.

Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, has over 85 years of experience helping accident victims fight for fair settlements. We don’t back down when it comes to your compensation – our Babylon personal injury lawyers will take your case to court if we need to. Call us today to find out more during a free initial consultation.

What Our Babylon Construction Accident Lawyers Will Do for Your Personal Injury Case

You shouldn’t have to worry about filing your legal case while you’re recovering from your accident. You can leave your personal injury claim to our team serving Babylon. We will:

  • Make sure you’re aware of your legal options, which could include filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • Investigate your case, gathering any types of evidence we need
  • Communicate with everyone involved in your case on your behalf
  • Determine which damages you can recover and assign an accurate value to your case
  • Prove who is liable for your accident and injuries, even if there is more than one at-fault party involved
  • Complete any paperwork necessary for your lawsuit or insurance claim
  • Prepare you and any witnesses for trial, if needed

Our personal injury attorneys are here to help you through each step of your case. You can focus on getting better while we fight for justice on your behalf.

How Clients of Our Babylon Law Firm Benefit From Hiring Our Construction Incident Lawyers

When you hire Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC to handle your case, you benefit from:

  • Our years of experience. We have been fighting for justice for clients like you since 1938.
  • Our dedication to your case. We treat each client like family, and we do not back down until we have secured a fair case outcome.
  • Our ability to take on challenging cases, even those involving multiple liable parties.

Some of the other reasons clients choose to work with us include:

We Never Charge Any Upfront Fees

When you hire our team, you do not owe us any upfront costs. We work on a contingency-fee basis, so you only pay us after we win or settle your case. Once we’ve won your case, we take an agreed-upon portion of your settlement to cover all our legal services, allowing you to avoid out-of-pocket fees.

We also provide free initial consultations, during which you can ask us questions and learn more about the legal process at no cost.

Our Former Clients Were Satisfied With Our Service

The team at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, wants to ensure each case we handle receives the attention to detail it deserves. Former clients say the following about this commitment to service:

  • “My experience with attorney Clare and her paralegal Rebeca was exceptional. I can trust them and have been working with Clare for years. This process can be overwhelming but they helped me get through it. It was a very smooth process. I tell all of my friends and family to call attorney Clare, she is the best.” – R.R.
  • “Angela Edwards at Trantolo & Trantolo is exceptional. She secured my victory with expertise and dedication. Highly recommend to anyone in need of legal assistance!” – J.M.

Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Construction Accident Case in Babylon

Personal injury victims in Babylon are eligible to recover a range of economic and non-economic damages. You could seek fair compensation for:

Economic Losses

These are the out-of-pocket losses you suffered. Economic damages generally include:

  • Medical expenses, such as the cost of emergency transportation, doctor’s appointments, X-rays, medications, and more
  • Lost income if you missed time at work to recover
  • Reduced earning capacity if you are no longer able to earn as much money as you once did because of your injuries
  • Property damage, if any of your personal items were damaged in the accident

Non-Economic Losses

You may be eligible to recover compensation for your intangible losses. These often include:

  • Physical pain and suffering caused by your injuries
  • Emotional distress, such as accident-related anxiety and depression
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, if you have to miss out on certain activities because of your injuries
  • Reduced quality of life

Wrongful Death Damages

If you lost someone you love in a construction accident, our team offers our condolences to you and your family. We will help you hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Some of the damages we could recover for you include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Fatal injury-related medical bills
  • Loss of support and services
  • The decedent’s conscious pain and suffering
  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of parental guidance

Your loved one’s personal representative is the only party eligible to file a lawsuit on their behalf. We can help you identify the personal representative so you can start seeking justice.

Filing Your Case by the Statute of Limitations Deadline Is Necessary to Recover Compensation

According to the statute of limitations, CVP § 214, you generally have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If your loved one passed away, EPT § 5-4.1 generally allows only two years to file your wrongful death lawsuit.

Since you have such a limited timeframe, we recommend you get started on your case as soon as possible. The earlier you bring your case to our team, the better. This gives us time to investigate your case, speak to witnesses, and gather evidence before it becomes unavailable.

Who Can We Hold Responsible for Compensating You After a Babylon Construction Accident?

There could be more than one liable party in your construction accident case in Babylon. Our legal team will investigate your case to prove that another party’s negligence caused your injuries. We may find any of the following parties responsible:

  • A manufacturer of parts or equipment used on the construction site
  • Contractors or subcontractors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Vendors
  • Property owners
  • Drivers or heavy machinery operators

We’ll gather evidence to prove liability, including:

  • Photos and videos
  • The accident report
  • Your medical records
  • Witness statements
  • Expert witness statements

If you have any information related to your case, such as witness phone numbers or pictures of your injuries, bring them to our team. This will help us build a strong evidence file.

You Could File a Workers’ Compensation Claim to Recover a Settlement After a Construction Accident in Babylon

A workers’ compensation claim allows you to seek benefits if you sustained a work injury. Workers’ comp claims are not fault-based, so we would not need to prove negligence to help you seek benefits.

However, workers’ compensation claims can be tricky, because if your insurance carrier or employer denies the claim, you won’t receive the money you need. According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, you could recover money for your health care expenses and lost wages. If your loved one passed away, you could also be awarded survivor benefits.

Steps to Take After Your Construction Accident in Babylon

If you were injured in a construction incident, your first step should always be receiving medical treatment. Once your injuries are stable and you have a plan to care for them, we recommend:

  • Avoiding social media. Anything you share online can be taken out of context by the liable party or insurance companies. To avoid having your posts used against you, stay off social media until after we win or settle your case.
  • Letting us communicate with everyone involved in your case. Our team does not want you to jeopardize your case by misspeaking or accidentally accepting blame for your injuries. Let our experienced team speak to everyone involved.
  • Writing down how you feel. It can be difficult to remember your emotions or the way your injuries felt right after the accident. However, we will need to understand this information as we pursue your non-economic damages. Documenting your thoughts can help you recall them if we need to reference this information.
  • Hiring our team. We can get started on your case immediately after your accident, and we never settle for less than you deserve.

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