Written by  Keith V. Trantolo

The Trantolo Guarantee

Many people think that it costs money to hire a Personal Injury Attorney when they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or workplace accident. However, this is simply not true when you hire Trantolo & Trantolo. There is no out-of-pocket expense when one of our experienced lawyers represents you. We work on a contingency basis and only get paid when your case is won.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do!

When you call one of our office locations, you will receive a free legal consultation. This includes a case evaluation with your lawyer and/or paralegal. If you are in the hospital or otherwise unable to come to us for the initial meeting, we are happy to come to you. It is our privilege to protect those who have been harmed by a reckless person or defective product. When the insurance company or other liable party, is not willing to pay fair compensation trust the winning tradition of Trantolo & Trantolo. Our compassionate team fights every day to give a voice to the voiceless. Let Our Family, Help Your Family™.

What to Expect From Trantolo & Trantolo

Since 1938, we have served countless people who have been unable to protect themselves. We fight for our clients and their families who have been harmed by those who place profit over people. When you work with Trantolo & Trantolo, we become like family. Your legal team will get to know you, are available to answer any concerns you may have and keep you well-informed throughout the case. Do not hesitate to contact us about your personal injury case today.