Directly north of the Connecticut border, East Longmeadow possesses a history similar to other Massachusetts towns, with a strong industrial presence seen. What makes it stand out from its neighbors, however, is the presence of older quarries and a rotary – two interesting facets that may be an accident waiting to happen.

Once an accident passes and you’re left with a damaged vehicle, a broken bone, or concussion, you haggle with the insurance company over compensation – they’ll cover part, but not all, and you’re left with unpaid medical bills and missed time from work as you recover. When the back-and-forth negotiation starts to appear futile, legal representation turns into a must.

Why Work With Us?

Personal injury law firm Trantolo & Trantolo is just a short drive away from East Longmeadow. Practicing since 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo has created a reputation based on positive customer relationships: Thoroughly and determinedly fighting on your behalf in court, and always being ready to address a concern or question in our office. No matter the case, a client’s rights are always preserved.

Knowledge, as well, sets our team of attorneys apart. Within the personal injury field, we’re fully familiar with tactics used to cast blame on the plaintiff and ultimately refuse providing adequate compensation: Insurance companies claiming the victim behaved recklessly, or negligent corporations denying their role in putting a defective drug or product on the market.

Although our law firm cannot promise specific results or outcome for any case, Trantolo & Trantolo’s lengthy record of success represents our abilities. Until a case results in compensation, our clients do not pay.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Several claims fall within the personal injury field, and our lawyers representing East Longmeadow clients handle the following: car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; dangerous drugs and medication errors; dog attacks; class action and mass tort; nursing home negligence and elderly abuse; social security disability; product liability; and slips and falls. Out of this spectrum, our attorneys further represent clients dealing with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, wrongful death, and specific product liability cases regarding Depakote, transvaginal mesh, and metal-on-metal hip implants.

If you have been through an accident or similar traumatic incident in East Longmeadow, find the legal representation you need through Trantolo & Trantolo. To speak with our attorneys, contact any of our Connecticut law offices.

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