The chaos of the big city seems to correlate with increased accidents, but a collision between two vehicles, an unseen dog attack, or a slip and fall on a sidewalk not properly cleared in winter potentially can happen anywhere – even in Belchertown.

Regardless of where an injury occurs, the aftermath varies only slightly: The insurance company takes time in examining a claim, only to low ball you with an offering that barely covers the cost of immediate hospital bills, while the negligent company or individual continues to deny and deflect blame.

Our Belief and Experience

Trantolo & Trantolo, in our years in business as a Connecticut personal injury law firm, finds all variations of this scenario to be very predictable and extremely familiar. Since our start in 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo has believed equal representation applies to all, but we understand in court that this is seldom the case. Lawyers representing Belchertown and other cases across Southern New England understand this lack of balance and, in response, do not represent big business.

Furthermore, our Connecticut-based law firm believes all such negligent entities must be held accountable for their actions, be it putting a poorly-tested medication on the market or not maintaining the safety of a property. As a result, our law firm – known for some of the hardest-working lawyers in the area – fights tirelessly on behalf of all clients in court.

However, once you travel from Belchertown to one of our Connecticut law offices, you’ll find our staff always ready to answer questions and keep you abreast of the entire legal process.

Because of the focus Trantolo & Trantolo gives, our law firm brings on a handful of clients; all only pay once the desired compensation has been obtained. In the field of personal injury law, our attorneys address cases concerning medical malpractice; nursing home negligence and elderly abuse; car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; medication errors and dangerous drugs; mass tort or class action; dog bites; product liability; social security disability; and slips and falls, or premises liability.

If your Belchertown claim or accident falls anywhere within the personal injury sphere, give one of Trantolo & Trantolo’s Connecticut law offices a call to speak with an experienced trial attorney.

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