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Trial Attorney Eric Schwerzmann brings extensive trial experience and a wealth of negotiating skills to our Trantolo & Trantolo team. His passion is the practice of the law and his career has spanned 15 years of successful and highly regarded practice. Eric has successfully litigated important cases on both the defense and plaintiff sides of CT courtroom venues. His professional reputation is stellar and those whom he has opposed, as well as those with whom he has worked, have come to regard his legal knowledge and ethics with deep respect and high regard.

Legal Experience

Eric’s legal experience as both a defense and plaintiff litigator has given him a unique perspective on the personal injury world. He knows very well the viewpoints of insurance company adjusters and has a deep appreciation for those who have been personally injured and have called us for help. This view is highly valued by both his clients and by his own fellow attorneys and support staff here at Trantolo & Trantolo.

Attorney Schwerzmann lives in Simsbury with his wife and two children. He loves travelling with them and sharing his favorite Mexican food when celebrating one of his New York teams, as it pulls out another win! Eric loves competition and nowhere is more obvious than on the golf course. He loves competition and winning, and these are both traits that serve him well on our Trantolo & Trantolo team.

Prior to getting his law degree at Syracuse University, Eric majored in Philosophy at the State University of New York. One of his favorite quotes from those day is from the philosopher, Immanuel Kant: “Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law.” This is exactly what Attorney Schwerzmann does, every day.