On the roads that pass through Agawam, be it the massive Interstate 91 or smaller residential streets, car, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents all can potentially occur – as can a slip and fall-related injury near or in one of the town’s buildings, a dog attack resulting in permanent scars and trauma, or cases of negligence by any company or caretaker within its borders. As different and seemingly-divergent as these instances are, those involved face the same frequent scenario: After the accident, the insurance company refuses full compensation, or big business deflects blame onto the injured party.

Our Belief

In business as personal injury lawyers since 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo realizes such scenarios happen far too often. Although believing equal representation applies to all, our team understands this is not the case. Our lawyers, in representing any of the above types of cases in Agawam, do not take the side of big business, particularly as insurance and large corporations default upon numerous resources and legal funds. Moreover, Trantolo & Trantolo strives to make big business accountable for its actions, be it negligence or simply denying full compensation for a personal injury claim.

Working With Trantolo & Trantolo

When coming into one of our Connecticut offices, Agawam personal injury clients find our staff always has a personalized approach. We get to know you – including all questions and concerns – and always keep you informed through the legal process, no matter if our lawyers are in the midst of planning and negotiation to later preparation and litigation.

Getting to know you is just one aspect of our method. Throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, the determination and extensive preparation of Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers are known. As some of the hardest-working lawyers in Southern New England, we fight on behalf of clients, who only pay once a case results in compensation.

Although Trantolo & Trantolo accepts a limited number of cases, they include the following: personal injury; medical malpractice; car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; dangerous drugs; dog bites; medication errors and dangerous drugs; nursing home negligence; product liability; social security disability; and slips and falls, or premises liability. To bring your Agawam case to the attention of our staff, contact any of our Connecticut law offices.

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