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Trantolo & Trantolo might be the hardest working personal injury law firm in Connecticut. We care about our clients personally. When we take on a case, we understand that we are really helping a family in need. Every person working at Trantolo & Trantolo–receptionist, paralegals, attorneys, and each person you meet or talk to has only one goal – to help you.

People come to us when they have been injured and need help because they know we offer top-notch legal strategy and fierce tenacity in the courtroom if the client’s best interests take us there.

Our clients are up against insurance companies with almost limitless legal budgets. These companies will resort to whatever tactics they can in order to win. That’s why you need Trantolo & Trantolo. Our team of Connecticut accident law specialist and personal injury lawyers are experts in every phase of your case: from planning and negotiation to trial preparation and litigation.

Meet our attorneys:

Vincent J. Trantolo
Keith V. Trantolo
Christopher Cramer
Ron Etemi
Adam Allegro
Mark Kochanowicz
Michael Feola
Scott McGowan

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