Trantolo & Trantolo represents plaintiffs in both nursing home negligence and class action cases in Connecticut. The following Canadian settlement is particularly notable for these fields of personal injury law.

Reported on April 18, families of seniors and people with severe disabilities were awarded an $8.5 million CAD ($8.28 million USD) settlement from a class action lawsuit regarding long-term abuse in a Montreal care facility.

To give you some background, as Huffington Post Canada has, the lawsuit was originally filed in 1999 against the St-Charles of Borromee Hospital. The lawsuit, which did not garner significant attention at the time, detailed hundreds of instances of abuse inside the facility.

Four years later, however, visiting family members of a patient recorded horrid verbal and psychological abuse staff subjected residents to, and at this point, the case began to get attention. The then-current health minister ordered a provincial inquiry, and not long after, the conditions not only of St-Charles Borromee but other Quebec nursing homes and care facilities were exposed. Adding fuel to the fire was the suicide of the home’s hospital director. Around this time, more residents began to come forward with their stories of mistreatment.

To the press about the settlement, patients’ rights advocate Paul Brunet stated this week: “It was a situation of grave negligence, of lack of coordination in service and care, a lack of respect, a lot of problems according to standards of how you treat patients and how you board and feed them.”

The issues residents of St-Charles of Borromee are not isolated to Canada, and that’s why Trantolo & Trantolo’s nursing home negligence attorneys stand by Connecticut patients. This problem, as well, is expected to increase, as the U.S. elderly population is predicted to reach 70 million by 2030, with 19.5 million 80 years of age or older.