Winter has finally arrived. We nestle into the warmth of our homes much earlier now. Darkness seems so much sooner as we have recently watched the streetlights come on. The warmth of early night fireplaces brightens smiles and lovely memories.

Winter Time Is Here

Keith, Vincent and Scott TrantoloThe ice and snow are beautiful, but we caution our loved ones about road safety and make sure the kids are all dressed warmly, with their mittens and hats, as they walk their neighborhood streets. We remind them to be careful. We know those sidewalks can be slippery too.

Winter also reminds us that we are approaching a special time of year, a time of gifts and gratitude. All of us at Trantolo & Trantolo cannot help but count our blessings. We think of loved ones and good times shared. Our heads humbly bow in gratitude for those who have walked our ways, and shared our days, and during this past year have left us.

This year has been a year of meeting new clients who have become new friends. We have helped hundreds of people, who were victims of personal injury and in pain and afraid of what their futures might hold. We have stood with them and by them. We all feel blessed that they have allowed us to help when they have needed us the most.