Written by Keith V. Trantolo

Becoming a Trantolo & Trantolo Client

The first thing to know is that Trantolo & Trantolo goes the extra mile, so you can concentrate on getting your life back. The team assigned to your case will take care of you, the person, not just you, the client. We will follow up on your medical treatment, advise how best to deal with your medical bills, deal with creditors and, when it’s time to settle your case, obtain and submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company to properly support your claim. Your attorney will communicate directly with the insurance company, so you never have to. All information provided to your attorney will remain confidential, unless you agree that we may release it. Our entire staff is bound by the same standards. The defendant(s), their insurance companies and the defense lawyers are entitled to some information by law. That information must be provided.

We will keep you informed every step of the way but first, you have to become a Trantolo and Trantolo client.

Step One: Your Initial Consultation

lawyer working on a documentsAt this complimentary first interview, we will gather information about your case, using a specially developed questionnaire to make sure we get all the facts. If you decide to become a client, you’ll sign a “Retainer and Fee Agreement” which will allow us to represent you. All of these forms will be explained to you in detail at the initial consultation.

Next, you will be introduced to the team assigned to your case and be given contact information. The paralegal assigned to your team will work closely with your attorney to prepare your case and should be able to answer any questions you may have. But, if you wish personal contact with your attorney, please let us know that when you call or make an appointment.

Step Two: Case Preparation

This is very important: Once you have hired us to represent you, do not discuss your injuries with anyone except your doctors and your legal team – not the insurance company, your employer or anyone else.

We will send letters to all parties involved in your case, including insurance companies, indicating that you have retained us as your lawyers. Letters will also go out to all physicians, hospitals and anyone else necessary who can provide us with information to complete your file. This could include the IRS, your employer, schools and so on.

While you are healing, we will continue working on your behalf, updating your medical records as you continue treatment, verifying your lost wages and investigating liability. The insurance company will be advised of your medical progress and the amount of your medical bills so that settlement funds can be reserved.

Step Three: Creating Your Settlement Package

A case cannot be settled until you have reached a full recovery — or have reached the point where further recovery is impossible. Typically, the process will take up to a year. Why so long? We must be able to evaluate your final condition before the actual value of your case can be determined.

Advise your paralegal immediately once you’ve finished your medical treatment so that we can proceed with the case. The collection of records and the preparation of your “settlement package” is very time consuming and can take as long as two or three months. This is important because the settlement offered by the insurance company is based on the documentation we can provide.

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