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If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a collision on Long Island, you could have a case against the at-fault driver. Many people are unsure about their rights and legal options following a crash. Working with a lawyer will ensure you understand your next steps and help you navigate the claims process.

It may be possible to recover compensation for your injuries, medical care, income losses, and other damages. A Hempstead personal injury lawyer from Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, can handle this process for you.

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Our Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers Seek Justice Based on Your Crash Case

When someone has serious crash injuries, they often experience many expenses and losses in addition to their medical care costs. At Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, our Hempstead collision attorneys do not believe victims should be left covering these costs on their own if they did nothing to cause the crash.

We seek justice for our clients with serious injuries by pursuing fair compensation based on the expenses and losses they incurred. We identify, document, and value these recoverable damages and then act on your behalf to recover a payout to compensate you appropriately.

An essential part of acting as your lawyer in a Hempstead crash case is determining the damages recoverable and their estimated settlement range.

Some examples of commonly recovered damages include:

  • Present and future medical bills and related costs
  • Long-term and ongoing care and support costs
  • Income lost, current and future
  • Diminished ability to work
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Wrongful Death Damages You May Recover for a Fatal Car Accident

Unfortunately, some collision victims suffer deadly injuries. When a victim passes away, New York law allows their family to seek compensation. Under EPTL § 5-4.1, only the personal representative—the executor of the estate—can act as a plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our Hempstead wrongful death lawyers can help you navigate this process and handle your legal case for you. We will fight for justice on behalf of your loved one and surviving family members. Call us today for your free case consultation.

Our Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers Fight for Justice for Crash Victims

Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, has been fighting for the rights of accident victims since 1938. For more than 85  years, we have helped injured people seek fair compensation for their injuries, expenses, and losses. This includes medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. We will not settle for less than our clients deserve.

Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge, experience, resources, and reputation to handle any case. This includes even complex and challenging cases many other firms might deny. We strive to treat everyone who contacts us like family, and clients can expect to receive personalized support from start to finish.

While we can often negotiate settlements for our clients and avoid trial, we are prepared to take any case we handle to court if necessary.

When you trust us with your case, you can expect our team to:

  • Manage all communication about the case
  • Provide regular case updates
  • Protect your rights
  • Gather evidence
  • Identify all liable parties
  • Develop a compelling case for compensation
  • Value the case
  • Seek fair compensation on your behalf

We will handle all aspects of your personal injury claim so you don’t have to.

Settlements We’ve Recovered for Car Accident Victims

Our car accident lawyers have a long track record of success. We work to build compelling cases and have recovered millions of dollars for clients over the years. Some recent settlements and verdicts include:

  • $7,900,000 settlement during trial for a client with lasting brain injuries after his car was hit by a police cruiser during a pursuit of another driver
  • $1,550,000 settlement for an injured passenger living with a traumatic brain injury after a traffic accident
  • $1,500,000 settlement for a passenger who suffered serious injuries in a single-vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver
  • $1,380,000 settlement for a client with a traumatic brain injury
  • $1,300,000 mediated settlement for a client who suffered serious injuries and required numerous surgeries after a rollover crash caused by a texting driver
  • $900,000 verdict for a client with permanent injuries caused by a rear-end collision at high speeds because of defective brakes

Our Hempstead lawyers provide free consultations. We also go to work on these cases with no upfront fees. Since we work on a contingency-fee basis, our clients never pay anything until we win their cases. Our attorney’s fees are a portion of the total money recovered in a case.

Questions? We can assess your case and answer your questions during your free initial case consultation.

A Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer From Our Team Will Explain Your Legal Options

New York State car insurance laws require all drivers to carry personal protection insurance (PIP) coverage. This insurance policy pays medical bills and a portion of lost income for most crash victims. Using this policy does not require victims to show who caused the crash or why it occurred, as this is a no-fault claim.

When a crash victim suffers serious injuries in a Hempstead, NY, collision, their expenses quickly grow beyond the limits of their PIP policy. They need to consider other options to help them cover the costs of medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Under certain conditions, crash victims can pursue fault-based compensation. This generally means filing a claim based on the at-fault driver’s auto liability insurance coverage or suing that driver in civil court. As a part of these cases, we must show our client suffered serious injuries in the crash.

Our lawyers can determine if you may qualify to pursue a case against the at-fault driver or another liable party in your case. We understand this aspect of New York car accident law and will offer an honest assessment of your case when you connect with our team.

How Does Our Hempstead Auto Collision Lawyers Recover Compensation for Clients?

Our Hempstead car accident lawyers know the necessary steps to build a compelling case for compensation. We understand how to present a strong argument and negotiate a fair settlement. This is the most common way we win cases for our clients.

Regardless of our approach to recovering compensation, we must investigate the crash and gather evidence to show fault, liability, and recoverable damages. This requires us to take numerous steps, including:

  • Reviewing the official police accident report
  • Identifying and interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Seeking video of the crash
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts
  • Obtaining medical records and other relevant paperwork
  • Hiring experts to determine future medical needs and expenses
  • Documenting recoverable damages

The evidence we gather during this investigation is often convincing enough to show the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier why they should pay our client what they deserve instead of taking the case to trial. We can also take your case to court and ask the jury to decide.

When Do You Need to Contact a Hempstead Car Accident Attorney About Your Case?

Per CVP § 214, crash victims generally have three years to begin a lawsuit against the at-fault driver who caused their crash. Missing this deadline will make it difficult to get a fair payout in your case, so you should bring your case to us as soon as possible.

However, this is not the only reason why calling us as soon as your injuries allow matters. There are many advantages to having a Hempstead personal injury lawyer on your side early.

Some reasons to contact our team right after your accident include:

  • We manage all communication about the case
  • We can identify and preserve key evidence that could disappear
  • You do not have to worry about your next steps
  • You can focus on your physical and emotional recovery

If your loved one suffered severe or catastrophic injuries in a crash and will not be able to make the call on their own for several weeks or more, reach out to us to learn more about what you can do to support their legal case right now.

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