Towns spread across the Knowledge Corridor of Connecticut and Massachusetts sit within driving distance of the area’s major colleges and universities. Risks of motorists driving inebriated increase 25 percent in college towns, according to a University of Maryland’s School of Public Health study published in 2010, and this issue likely spills over into neighboring communities.

Hampshire County town Williamsburg shares these characteristics. If you, as a resident or person driving through, happen to get into a vehicular accident, what are your options?

More often than not, insurance companies delay claims, stating that while you were hit by a negligent or drunk driver, you are still partially responsible. Yet, with injuries sustained from the accident, you find yourself missing time from work, as bills from medical treatments cut into your earnings and savings.

Representing Personal Injury Claims

Car accidents, like many other personal injury claims, rarely reach a resolution unless legal assistance gets involved. Representing Williamsburg and other Massachusetts claims, Trantolo & Trantolo sides with individuals in need – including the many shortchanged by insurance companies or who saw their health or safety compromised for big business’ profits.

Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers not only represent claims pertaining to car accidents but also motorcycles and trucks; medical malpractice; slips and falls; nursing home negligence; dangerous drugs and medication errors; mass tort and class action; social security disability; spinal cord, traumatic brain, and other catastrophic injuries; and product liability, such as recent transvaginal mesh, DePuy and Stryker hip replacements, and Depakote claims.

Although claims vary, big business’ approach frequently stays along the same path. Our attorneys representing Williamsburg claims understand that such large institutions frequently deny responsibility, delay full and adequate compensation, and deflect blame onto the plaintiff, and take this into account when developing our strategy. Although results cannot be guaranteed for any case, our history speaks for itself.

Within our office, however, clients frequently find our staff takes a personal approach with every client. As people far exceed profits at Trantolo & Trantolo, our team gets to know you. As a trial progresses, we listen and address any questions, uphold your rights, and keep you thoroughly informed.

Instead of continuing the unending string of delays and denials with big business, start working with Trantolo & Trantolo. Contact any of our Connecticut locations to have one of our attorneys examine your case.

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