Since its start in 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo has believed legal assistance should be available to all. This idea transformed into the Connecticut law firm’s modern day strategy of not just providing legal advice but also fighting on behalf of clients. Taking on cases from Waterford and other Connecticut towns, our personal injury lawyers hold strong to such a conviction. As a result, those who have found their safety or health compromised by big business can find legal representation through Trantolo & Trantolo.

The conviction that equal protection under the law applies to all is part of Trantolo & Trantolo’s operational strategy; as such, our attorneys, in taking on a Waterford case, do not represent large corporations or insurance companies – all of which are equipped with nearly innumerable resources. Instead, our law firm offers personalization when handling a case and a resolute approach in the courtroom. Our staff gets to know each client personally, including addressing any questions or concerns, and the lawyers representing your Waterford case act in your best interest and ensure your rights are upheld throughout the process.

Because of our strategy, Trantolo & Trantolo takes on a select amount of cases. All, however, receive our full focus. While our attorneys go the extra mile in a case and believe large companies must be held accountable for their actions, a client only pays once compensation has been obtained.

Within the field of personal injury, Trantolo & Trantolo handles a wide range of cases, such as medical malpractice; nursing home negligence; mass tort or class action; premises liability or slips and falls; dangerous drugs or medication errors; car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; product liability; and social security disability. Additionally, our attorneys are not only licensed in Connecticut but also for Massachusetts and New York.

If you have a claim in Waterford or anticipate dealing with an insurance company, contact one of Trantolo & Trantolo’s Connecticut locations to speak with an experienced trial lawyer.

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