What would you do after getting into a car accident? At the scene, drivers exchange information and communicate with law enforcement, while witnesses provide statements. However, when the collision goes beyond a run-of-the-mill fender-bender, one driver likely experiences an injury, be it to the head, spine, or another part of the body, with medical attention required.

So, you get the insurance company involved, who will pay for part of the damage but not all, some of the medical treatments but nothing for future issues. As the victim, you’re stuck handling high costs as you spend time away from work, possibly permanently compromised and shut out from future earning potential.

A scene like this may happen at any difficult traffic point, such as a rotary – a fixture in Western Massachusetts towns like Southbridge. But if it has already happened and you’re currently haggling back and forth with the insurance company, the next step becomes legal representation.

Why Get Trantolo & Trantolo Involved?

Representing clients across the personal injury spectrum, Trantolo & Trantolo has practiced law since 1938. From the start, our attorneys have taken on clients in need – including individuals whose safety or health was compromised for profits. As a result, our team will not represent large corporations in any way.

In going head-to-head with entities that fall back on close-to-unlimited resources, our lawyers representing Southbridge clients have become accustomed to common tactics used to discredit the plaintiff, including delay, deflect, and deny. An insurance company may refuse full compensation, claiming the plaintiff had behaved irresponsibly at the scene of an accident. Or, a company that put an under-tested drug or product on the market may claim the plaintiff hadn’t been using it correctly. Either way and in many more instances, our lawyers fight on your behalf.

In the office, however, our staff gets to know every client personally. We’re available to answer questions, keep you abreast of the legal process, and ensure your rights remain untouched. Clients, as well, do not pay until a case results in compensation.

Trantolo & Trantolo’s experienced trial lawyers handle Southbridge personal injury cases of all kinds, from medical malpractice to vehicular accidents to slips and falls to defective products and medications. If you have a case falling within this range and find that handling it on your own isn’t cutting it, get Trantolo & Trantolo’s attorneys involved. Contact any of our Connecticut locations today to speak with our staff.

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