Seymour CT CrestAfter a major car accident, negligence resulting in serious injury, or a slip and fall, compensation is more than a luxury. For a Seymour resident like yourself, it’s the amount that covers the cost of current and future medical treatments, makes up for lost wages and job opportunities, and acknowledges an individual’s pain and suffering. Yet, big business and insurance companies faced with such a claim essentially debate the validity and authenticity of the incident and essentially go through a process of delay, deflect, and deny. A Seymour resident, as a result, is left empty-handed when facing current and future costs of an injury or condition.

While Trantolo & Trantolo, in taking on Seymour claims, believes equal protection under the law applies to all, a second aspect is part of our approach: representing those unable to protect themselves. As big business has ample legal defense resources, we do not represent insurance companies and other such corporations.

Lawyers representing a Seymour client offer personalization in the early stages. While informing and updating a client throughout the legal process, our attorneys and staff get to know you and hear your concerns. We additionally ensure all rights are protected and upheld. Resoluteness and extensive research characterize our courtroom strategy, and a long history supports our approach, although we cannot guarantee specific results for any case.

Our focused approach results in our law firm taking on a select number of cases, and all receive full time and attention from our staff. Within the personal injury field, we manage cases pertaining to the following issues: car, motorcycle, and truck accidents; medical malpractice; nursing home negligence and elderly abuse; dangerous drugs and medication errors; mass tort or class action; dog bites; product liability; social security disability; and slips and falls, or premises liability. For having our experienced trial attorneys look at your case, contact one of our Connecticut locations.

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