Running through a significant part of Orange, Connecticut, is Route 1 – known as one of the most dangerous roadways for pedestrians in the United States. While congestion mixed with reckless driving proves to be a harmful, if not deadly, combination for those walking on the side of the road, it’s significantly a problem for motorists, with accidents a greater possibility along this strip.

But long after another vehicle, be it a truck, motorcycle, or car, collides with you on Route 1, the aftermath perpetuates. As hospital bills arrive in the mail, the insurance company balks at providing compensation for the cost of treatment, care, and vehicular repairs. Rather than be short-changed or low-balled from an incident that’s no fault of your own, get Trantolo & Trantolo involved.

Our Law Firm

From our start in 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo expanded from a single law office in Hartford, Conn., to multiple locations throughout the state, including nearby Bridgeport. Beyond accessibility for those in the area, our law firm prides itself on extending legal representation to all. As this has long been our belief, our attorneys represent those in need instead of siding with big business.

But, a two-sided approach characterizes our attorneys’ strategy. When interacting with clients, we get to know you, and more than profits, our long-lasting relationships and dedication to our clients have made Trantolo & Trantolo well-known throughout the region. As a case progresses, our staff keeps you updated and ensures your rights remain protected.

Once a case goes to court, Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers have prepared an extensive, well-researched argument designed to subvert the traditional delay, deny, and deflect tactics of big business and insurance companies. No results are guaranteed, but a history of success supports our strategy.

Within the field of personal injury law, Trantolo & Trantolo’s attorneys represent the following types of cases: medical malpractice; nursing home negligence and elderly abuse; class action and mass tort; dangerous drugs and medication errors; dog bites; car, truck, and motorcycle accidents; premises liability, or slips and falls; social security disability; and product liability.

Have one of Trantolo & Trantolo’s attorneys examine your Orange, Connecticut claim today. Give one of our locations a call to speak with an experienced trial lawyer.

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