After an injury happens in Middlebury, you hope the other party does the right thing: Acknowledge what occurred, take responsibility for their fault in the accident and agree to fairly compensate you. But, life isn’t always so straightforward. Insurance companies may claim your condition is not as severe as you say or claim you were at fault for the accident. A property owner may refuse to accept blame for an uncleared sidewalk. Both product manufacturers and drug companies may sweep complaints under the rug, leaving you footing the bill for any related health issues or injuries.

Trantolo & Trantolo believes that no entity should place profit over someone’s wellbeing. Our law firm has taken this approach since the beginning, whether it’s a motor vehicle accident, nursing home negligence or a dog bite claim. We represent those who get pushed around by big business and large corporations only looking to make money. Our team gives you our full attention right from the start:

  • We listen to all your concerns.
  • We assist with any research and evidence gathering to support your claim in court.
  • We offer free consultations.
  • We don’t require upfront payment for legal services. Clients only pay when a claim results in compensation.

Our Practice Areas

Our law firm takes on a select number of cases, which fall under the following categories:

  • Personal Injury: Injuries can happen just about anywhere, through a range of scenarios. Suddenly, you’re faced with high bills for medical treatments and likely have to take time away from work. In more extreme incidents, an accident turns into a life-altering ordeal that limits your employment options and requires long-term treatment.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: While a fender-bender may seem easy to resolve, accidents involving serious injuries and property damage can lead some insurance companies to deflect blame, delay correspondence, play down injuries and low-ball compensation. Resolution nearly always requires a lawyer.
  • Dangerous Drug and Medication Errors: Medical treatments should be about getting better, but whether your local Middlebury pharmacy gives you the wrong drug, a doctor is accepting kickbacks for a medication with life-threatening side effects or the manufacturer withholds details, your health and overall quality of life could be at risk.
  • Dog Bites: You think you can trust the dogs on your block in Middlebury, but that all changes – both physically and psychologically – when one bites or attacks you. Rather than live in fear, hold its owner responsible.
  • Medical Malpractice: Your health could be put in danger when a doctor steers you toward a particular surgery, recommends a medication or dismisses your symptoms. When malice or negligence is at the root of the issue, you may have a medical malpractice claim.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Because of design and exposure, motorcycle accidents tend to be specific cases. Many of our staff members ride and get involved in Connecticut’s motorcycle community, so Trantolo & Trantolo is more than prepared to handle and analyze motorcycle claims.
  • Nursing Home Negligence: After a lengthy search, you hope the facility you selected for your loved one provides the care they need. But, from being prescribed antipsychotics to abuse to patient dumping, your loved one may end up in a dangerous, compromised situation. We believe the home’s staff and owners need to be held accountable.
  • Product Liability: Just because it’s on the market or even FDA approved, doesn’t mean a product is safe. From supplements to medical devices to toys and pet food, plenty of seemingly innocuous items could end up jeopardizing your health. After refusing to address the complaints, the manufacturer must be held responsible.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries: Were you walking along a main road or through a parking lot in Middlebury, only to slip and fall on an icy patch during winter? Whoever owns it needs to be held responsible for the negligence creating a safety hazard.
  • Mass Tort and Class Action: Not every claim involves a single individual. In some cases, it’s typical to have multiple plaintiffs. Our attorneys can represent your mass tort or class action claim or direct you to the appropriate multi-district litigation (MDL).

Since 1938, our law firm has been fighting on behalf of those who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice in the courtroom, guiding you through the process and approaching each claim with decades of experience. Trantolo & Trantolo is licensed to practice in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

If you’re a resident of Middlebury and think you have a personal injury claim, contact our Waterbury location today to speak with one of our trial attorneys.

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