A rural character spreads throughout Middlesex County, even in medium-sized communities like East Hampton. Yet, although pastoral and bucolic on the surface, rural tracts have a downside: motorists are more likely to drive recklessly than they are in suburban or urban areas, and aspects like obscured driveways and entrances may lead to an accident or premises-related injury.

What happens if an accident occurs? Although most insurance companies address fender-benders quickly and efficiently, injuries and property damage convolute the situation. The injured party likely gets left with mounting medical bills, as the insurance company continues to deny paying full compensation.

If such an incident occurred as you drove through East Hampton and the insurance company continues to dig in its heels, attempting the case alone could simply lead you in circles. Making progress requires the experience and drive of Trantolo & Trantolo’s Connecticut attorneys.

How We Approach a Claim

Since our beginning in 1938, Trantolo & Trantolo has aimed to assist those in need, be it an injured individual getting the runaround from an insurance company, a victim of medical malpractice or corporate greed, or a group filing a class action lawsuit for a defective product. Our strategy, with a lengthy supporting history, has involved personalization with clients – we get to know you and always keep you involved – and understanding the underhanded, if not deceptive, tactics of big business.

The approach is nearly always the same, regardless of case: delay compensation, deflect blame into the victim, and deny any responsibility. Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers representing your East Hampton case realize this and tailor our strategy as such. To us, people always come before profits, and our clients only pay fees when a case results in compensation.

Types of Cases

Trantolo & Trantolo’s lawyers handle all types of personal injury claims: wrongful death; traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries; car, motorcycle, and tractor trailer accidents; dog bites and attacks; medical malpractice; nursing home negligence; premises liability, or slips and falls; dangerous drugs and medication errors; social security disability; and product liability, including Depakote, metal-on-metal hip replacements, and transvaginal mesh.

If you’re looking for resolution to your claim, don’t pursue it alone. Instead, get Trantolo & Trantolo involved. To start, get in contact with any of our Connecticut law offices.

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