Deerfield reflects the characteristics of many Western Massachusetts towns: part suburban, part historical, and along or within driving distance of one or more of the state’s major highways. In the case of Deerfield, Route 5 and Interstate 91 both pass though.

While without the congestion of Springfield or Worcester, small towns present similar safety concerns. Roadways may be the scene of an accident, while unmaintained buildings and sidewalks create conditions for a slip and fall injury to happen. Beyond this, residents may fall victim to malpractice or a faulty product and, in the aftermath, are left with high medical bills and permanently-altered life conditions.

Resources tip the balance of power, and as a result, a personal injury claim, unless legal assistance steps in, may never get to an adequate resolution. Connecticut law firm Trantolo & Trantolo understands such instances are far too common, and instead of representing big business, our lawyers only take on Deerfield clients in need.

Our Perspective

No matter if handling a motor vehicle accident claim or taking responsibility for a defective drug on the market, big business falls into a pattern of delay, deny, and deflect, with the plaintiff often unable to escape. Trantolo & Trantolo’s experienced trial attorneys, when representing Deerfield clients, understand this pattern and build our argument, through evidence and extensive research, around it.

Nevertheless, even with extreme tenacity in the courtroom, Trantolo & Trantolo is known throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts for our personalized approach. Our staff fully gets to know you – to us, you and your case go beyond profits. Throughout all steps, we make ourselves available to answer any questions and ensure your rights remain upheld.

Along with car accidents and slips and falls, Trantolo & Trantolo’s attorneys take on a wide range of personal injury claims in Deerfield and the rest of Massachusetts: motorcycle and tractor trailer accidents; class action and mass tort; dangerous drugs and medication errors; dog bites; nursing home negligence; social security disability; medical malpractice; wrongful death; spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries; and many product liability claims. For the latter, this includes ongoing court cases like transvaginal mesh, Depakote, and DePuy and Stryker hip replacement related injuries.

If you have an ongoing Deerfield personal injury claim that needs to reach a finishing point, have Trantolo & Trantolo examine it. To speak with an experienced trial attorney, contact any of our Connecticut offices.

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