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Reflections of a Young Plaintiff’s Attorney

By Mark Kochanowicz So a few years back, Trantolo & Trantolo plucked me out of law school and gave me my first job as an attorney and since then, I have been a plaintiff’s attorney. Even though I worked for a few defense firms and insurance companies during my time at the University of Connecticut’s…

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A Letter to a Trantolo & Trantolo Client… from Someone Who Was

By Chick Pritchard Getting seriously injured is horrible. I was driving a police car, many years ago, when a sliding truck crossed into my lane and crashed into my vehicle. My life changed in a split second that day, and perhaps your injuries have changed your life too. I know. Your first obligation as a…

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A Drunk Driver Hits My Car and Injures Me. What Are My Rights?

By Atty. Mark M. Kochanowicz You are driving your car, and someone who had a few too many at the local bar runs into your car from behind. What rights do you have? Well, first you have rights on the criminal side of the law, as long as the police have confirmed the driver was…

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