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Driving & Walking Dangers of Pothole Season

Many New Englanders cannot wait for spring to arrive. After a long winter, we can finally see the grass and pavement again! However, spring is also the time when potholes begin popping up on our local roadways. Potholes form when water seeps below the pavement, freezes and expands, cracking the asphalt above. Whether you’re on foot, two or four wheels, what should you know about the dangers of potholes?

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New Study Shows an Increase in Pedestrian Accidents

Let’s face it: In the age of technology, we’re all on our cell phones. Whether it’s to text a friend, check social media or send an email for work, Americans young and old often find themselves immersed in the digital world. Although digitization is the new normal, it becomes a problem when our smartphones make us distracted. In particular, when drivers and walkers are distracted, both parties are put in serious danger.

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