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10 Thoughts for the Injured

At Trantolo & Trantolo, many of us have experienced a personal injury. This knowledge not only helps our stellar legal representation, but allows us to give clients and their families the hope that things will get better. Our Director of Communications, Chick Pritchard, offers 10 pieces of advice for those who have been hurt by a person or defective product.

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5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to giving a voice to voiceless victims. When an individual or business needs to be brought to justice for causing injury, we are on your side – the insurance company is not. Insurance companies are out to make a profit and it is their goal to give you the lowest payout possible.

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Back to School Safety Tips For Drivers

We moved so quickly through the summer and all of a sudden, August is here! Time does fly and hopefully each one of you has had the chance for some summer fun during these last months. We have had opportunities for motorcycle rides and long quiet walks in the park. Golf is enjoyed by many, some of our staff have had the chance to play a few rounds this summer. Some of us have had vacations and come back to work well tanned and well rested.

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