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Danish Study Shows Correlation Between Autism Spectrum Disorders and Valproate Usage

Reported in a July 2013 Everyday Health article, a study performed by the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found correlation between valproate use and increased risks of autism. Researchers followed 655,615 women and their children born from 1996 to 2006, observing the group for potential signs of autism and triggers. Data from national registries revealed…

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FDA Targeted Online Pharmacies in Dangerous Drugs Crackdown

From June 18 to June 25, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unrolled International Operation Pangea VI, an effort as part of the 6th annual International Internet Week of Action that targeted illegal online pharmacies. In conjunction with international regulatory and law enforcement agencies, the FDA targeted 9,600 websites carrying and selling unapproved and dangerous…

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