A small Massachusetts town not far from the Connecticut border, Brimfield possesses the calm, laidback atmosphere many homeowners look for. But no matter if you live in Brimfield or you’re passing through on your way to Worcester or Springfield, the town, like any other, has potential to be the scene of an accident.

A motorist may careen around a corner, a truck driver may not fully be alert, or rough weather may make the roads slippery and a view less clear; in any of these instances, two vehicles collide into each other, resulting in damages and minor to severe injuries. In the event of a small dent, an insurance company is cooperative, but for more serious accidents, the injured party gets heaped with blame and denied compensation. Rather than find yourself accepting a low-balled claim after the accident, work with Trantolo & Trantolo to give it a resolution and get the compensation you deserve.

What We Can Do

Starting in Hartford in 1938 as a personal injury law firm, Trantolo & Trantolo has since expanded to multiple Connecticut locations and represents clients across Southern New England. When it comes to accidents and other personal injury claims in Brimfield, our lawyers are known for a can-do attitude: extensive and thorough research and fighting in court on behalf of those who can’t protect themselves.

In our offices, however, you’ll find a personalized approach, one in which our staff gets to know every client and his or her concerns. Throughout the process, we keep you updated and fully informed and uphold your rights.

Nevertheless, because of Trantolo & Trantolo’s highly-focused approach, our Connecticut law firm takes on a select number of cases. Clients from Brimfield and other area only pay once a case results in the desired compensation.

Although car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents are one practice area, our law firm takes on others within the vast personal injury spectrum: medical malpractice, dog bites, slips and falls, nursing home negligence, mass tort or class action, product liability, and social security disability. Should your Brimfield claim fall within this scope, give any of our Connecticut locations a call to speak with an experienced trial attorney.

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